Our parents, Emilio Cañadas and Dolores Simon, bought the hotel on May 1, 1980. Since then a whole generation of our family has been dedicating their lives to servicing our guests.

Dad initiated this project in which all of us are now involved after a long career as a maître d' and chef. In this undertaking where impeccable service is key he has always provided encouragement and guidance to the family.

Mom fills this home with heart-warming tenderness and the light of her smile, she supports everybody, takes care of small details and skillfully approaches every task at hand.

After two renovations and a whole life dedicated to making this place a jewel, Cupidor Hotel and Restaurant has become one of Peguera's signature attractions.

Katia, our sister and daughter, is the hostess and room manager. She will make sure your requests are honored by our staff and your room is in perfect condition at the time of your arrival and during your stay.

Miguel, our son and brother, is in charge of food and beverages. Due to his efforts you will enjoy home meals and a homely atmosphere when you spend your vacation with us. He is known for his professional attitude and friendly demeanor that enchants our guests.

Cupid’or Hotel & Restaurant

Ctra. Capdellá 4

Paguera/Calvia 07160


+34 971 68 62 27

+34 971 68 62 27




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